[I'm a Finfella] Season #3

From [04.10.2022] to [the end the world & Covid-19 won't stop us]


A two-day summit [Each Month] of relevant, quality [over quantity] content, talks, network and mastermind sessions and your favorite topics


Speakers [10.2022. - 06.2023.] Finfellas season #3

[Endrik Eller]

CEO @ Lendermarket

[Martins Sulte]

CEO @ Mintos

[Henrijs Jansons]

CEO @ Debitum

[Tatjana Kulapina]

Board Member and Head of Product @ VIAINVEST

[Anatolijs Saksaganskis]

Chief Risk Officer @ Monestro

[Indrek Puolokainen]

CEO @ Swaper 

[Loic Le Pichoux]

CEO @ Klear

[Kimmo Rytkonen]

CEO @ Getincome

[Edvarts Endzins]

COO @ Welfio

[Vitalijs Zalovs]

CEO @ Esketit 

[Ricardas Vandzinskas]

CEO @ Hive Finance

[Olga Jakson]

Loan Originators Relationship Manager @ Monestro

[Dmitry Balakhnin]

Strategic Communications Director @ Robocash Group

[Yonko Chuklev]

CEO @ Afranga

[Evaldas Remeikis]

Chairman of the Board @ Neo Finance 

[Boyan Kazandzhiev]


[To be announced]


[Tobias Lindner]

Investor & Blogger @ P2P Lending at its Best

[Atuksha Poonwassie]

Co-founder @ Simple Crowdfunding

[To be announced]


Supporters [10.2022. - 06.2023.]


The goal of these events is to bring leaders in Fintech & Alternative Finance together for networking and community-building from 40+ countries each month and as virtual as possible.