[Dr. Vytautas Senavicius]

Dr. Vytautas Senavicius is the Chairman of the Board at Lithuanian P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Association and Partner at Law Firm Response. Vytautas specialises in alternative finance, financial services regulation, FinTech. As the Chairman of the Board at Lithuanian P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Association Vytautas seeks to discuss and cooperate with public institutions in order to set-up competitive alternative finance regulation in Lithuania. He also constantly advises the clients on fintech development issues.

[Ansis Spridzans]

Ansis Spridzans is an attorney at law firm Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko. Ansis has assisted a number of major clients and executed numerous unique transactions during his 20+ years of experience in banking & finance law. P2P platforms and fintech companies seek his assistance with respect to licencing, operation model change, regulatory and business issues.

[Lars Wrobbel]

Lars Wrobbel was born in 1984, is a trained IT specialist and worked as a consultant in the IT industry until mid-2019. Today he is financially free but full-time entrepreneur & investor and published over 200 books on Amazon. He became well-known through his blog "Passives Einkommen mit P2P" and the associated largest German investor community.

[Nadezda Karpova]

Nadezhda has more than 20 years experience in financial sector and is active in MiFID-Compliance and Market Abuse Compliance since 2007, including 10 years experience in Latvian supervision authority – the Financial and Capital Market Commission (the FCMC).

As a Chief Supervision Expert of Financial Instrument Market Supervision Department, responsibilities includes off-site supervision of broker companies and banks in the field of investment service, leading of on-site investigation, participation in licensing and approval process of new firms and services in financial instrument market, handling of customers' complaints, participation in the process of amendments of law and rules of the FCMC, participation in the work of several committees established by EU supervision authorities ESMA and EBA, MiFID II requirements implementation in supervision practice, as well as ongoing consultations and recommendations for market participants and colleagues in the field of investment services and AML.

She is a Certified Anti - Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) since 2009, as well has over 10 years experience in training executive audiences.

[Guillermo de la Hera]

Guillermo is one of the victims of P2P scams in Baltics. He leads the collective legal action vs Estonian companies Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera and represents 3,000 claimants for a total value of EUR 15 million. He is determined to seek justice and contribute to make Europe a safer place for crowdfunding initiatives. As per his daily job, Guillermo provides guidance to clients around the world in the domain of Data Analytics.

[Denis Piskunov]

Denis is an expert in commercial disputes and international arbitration. He has handled disputes in industries such as fintech and crowdfunding, health care, waste collection, construction, railways, transport, insurance, accounting and finance. He also has extensive experience in corporate insolvency and debt collection proceedings. Denis acts as an arbiter recommended by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His expertise covers enforcement of judgements related to cross-border disputes.

[Anastasija Oleinika]

As CEO, Anastasija drives the overall success of the business by executing the strategy and increasing shareholder value. Her previous experience in the TWINO Group as CFO for three years and COO for one year has provided her with a thorough knowledge of Group processes and financial indicators, which in turn allows her to guide the company best.

[Matthew Clannachan]

Matt has been working at Bondora for over 3 years, and banking/fintech for more than 6. While he's responsible for building the investor product, he's also involved with marketing and communications. Favourite part of the job? Working with A-players, every single day.

[Rajeev Mahajan]

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[Evaldas Remeikis]

Experienced Serial Entrepreneur and Chairman Of The Board with a demonstrated history of working in IT and financial services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Microsoft Excel, Analytical Skills, and Customer Service. Strong finance professional with a Chairman of the Board Education focused in Business Administration and Management, General from BICG.

[Martins Sulte]

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[Roxana Mohammadian-Molina]

Roxana is Chief Strategy Officer at Blend Network, a peer-to-peer lending platform that was last year selected by the Mayor of London as one of the UK’s top-ten FinTech companies. She is responsible for the platform’s growth and strategic partnership alliances. Prior to joining Blend Network, Roxana spent eight years in the City as a Vice President of commodities at Morgan Stanley and Barclays responsible for the design and implementation of fundamental-based and tactical trade ideas advising institutional investors and pension funds. Most recently, she founded leading UK mobile beauty platform Zeebba, dubbed the ‘Uber of Beauty’ by the London Daily Mail, and successfully exited after 18 months. Roxana holds an MSc in Financial Economics and Econometrics and a BSc in Quantitative Economics. She is a volunteer outreach worker engaging with homeless people across London with outreach teams and regularly hosts Ladies Pampering Days for vulnerable women living in the streets. Her moto in life and work is ‘You don’t ask, you don’t get!’.

[David Bradley-Ward]

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[Zitah McMillan]

Zitah McMillan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Predictive Black, a machine learning software that helps larger SMEs transform their cash data into usable, useful intelligence. Prior to founding Predictive Black, Zitah ran a large European lending business for a US VC firm. She joined from the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s financial services regulator, where she had been on the Executive Committee as Director of Communications and International. Zitah started her career in marketing, advertising and communications, working in large advertising agencies for blue chip global companies and in government communications. In her spare time, Zitah has a long list of books on her reading list that she’s working her way through when her kids and dogs give her the time.

[Sergei Demchuk]

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[Juancho Arregui]

Juancho Arregui (Madrid 1972), Digital Humanist, Architect, Artist and Entrepreneur.

He is an architect by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid from the UPM in 2003, graduated in Fine Arts by the UCM in 2013, and Master in Contemporary Art Criticism and Visual Culture by the Faculty of Philosophy of the UAM in 2016.

As an entrepreneur he has been selected to present his project in numerous startup competitions and in 2018 he won the first prize in the Blockchain Day of Connector in Barcelona and his former startup, brickfunding.com, was accelerated at the Connector Startup Accelerator program in Madrid.

His awards and grants as architect and artist include the Grant of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2014); the Aid to Production in Visual Arts of the Community of Madrid (2012); the Production Grant for the Granada Biennial (2011); the First Prize in the painting competition of the International University of Andalusia (2011); the Production Grant for the call Tentaciones at Estampa Fair in Madrid (2011); or the First Prize in the architectural competition for the rehabilitation and adaptation of buildings 8 and 9 of Matadero Cultural Center in Madrid (2009).

He is also an expert in UX and FullStack Developer (JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, TotalJS, Angular, and MongoDB), passionate about Blockchain, and a fan of electronics and the maker world.

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