[I'm a Finfella] Season #2

From [24.11.2021] to [the end the world & Covid-19 won't stop us]

A two-day summit [Each Month] of relevant, quality [over quantity] content, talks, network and mastermind sessions and your favorite topics

Speakers [11.2021. - 08.2022.] Finfellas season #2

[Rory Caton]

President @ Heavenly Outdoor LLC

[Dainis Tkacovs]

Founder & CEO @ Blockchain Advisory Global

[Reimo Hammerberg]

Founder & CEO @ Ignium

[Maximilian Petrov]

Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

[Adam Carlton]

CEO @ Bamboo Asset Management

[Benoit Marzouk]

CEO at BitcoinPoint.com

[Armin Konjalic]

Partnerships @ ITEZ

[Jailesh Raggoo]

CEO @ 4ir Transformers

[On Yavin]

CEO @ Cointelligence

[Laimonas Noreika]

Founder @ HeavyFinance

[Narinder Khattoare]

CEO @ Kuflink

[James Duchenne]

CEO @ Loot NFT

[Karsten Wenzlaff]

Secretary General @ German Crowdfunding association

[Ansis Spridzans]

Attorney @ law firm Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko

[Laura Marta Zobova]

Lawyer specializing in fintech

[Debra Burns]

Compliance Director @ Seedrs & Director @ UK Crowdfunding Association

[Noam Amram]

CEO @ RealtyBundles

[Giuseppe Scapola]

Head of Business Development @ EvenFi

[Maxim Gundarov]

CEO @ FinRiser

[Jori Armbruster]

CEO @ EthicHub

[Jatin Ondhia]

CEO @ Shojin Property Partners

[Viktorija Cijunskyte]

Founder @ Profitus

[Ali Celiker]

CEO @ British Pearl

[Atuksha Poonwassie]

Co-founder @ Simple Crowdfunding

[David Bradley Ward]

CEO @ Ablrate

[Jan Vecerka]

CEO @ BrikkApp

[Aleksandrs Mezapuke]

Country Manager @ Estateguru

[Martynas Cimbalas]

Project Manager @ Letsinvest

[Arturs Abols]

Customer Services Specialist @ Lendsecured

[Igors Puntuss]

CEO @ Bulkestate

[Aurelien Fauconnier]

CMO, Community Growth Manager @ LandEx

[Gustas Germanavicius]

CEO @ InRento

[Robert Piliar]

Senior Sales Executive Financial Services @ Trustly

[Pavel Klema]

CEO @ Bondster

[Anastasija Oleinika]

CEO @ Twino

[Vitalijs Zalovs]

CEO @ Esketit

[Sergei Demchuk]

CEO @ Debitum Network

[Carmen Corral]

Author, Spanish Copywriter, Investor @ Invertir En Prestamos P2P

[Kimmo Rytkonen]

CEO @ Getincome

[Valerija Klimenkova]


[Felix Bock]

Private Investor

[Indrek Puolokainen]

CEO @ Swaper

[Tobias Lindner]

Investor & Blogger @ P2P Lending at its Best

[Juris Grisins]

CEO @ Capitalia

[Roberts Lasovskis]

CEO @ TWINO Investments

[Ansis Spridzans]

Attorney @ law firm Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko

[Aleksandr Pirh]

Founder & Managing director @ Tribe Funding

[Davis Ziedins]

Co-Founder @ Colizeum

[Dr. Vytautas Senavicius]

Chairman of Lithuanian P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Association &

[Laura Erkske]

Senior Associate @ 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐥. law firm

[Inese Lazdovska]

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer @ Mintos

[Janis Laivins]

Chairman Company @ Latvian Crowdfunding Association &

[Johan Orsingher]

CEO @ Monestro

[Arturs Kostins]


[Lars Wrobbel]

Investor & Blogger @ Passives Einkommen mit P2P

[Jevgenijs Sokolovs]

CEO @ Crowdinform

Supporters [11.2021. - 09.2022.]

The goal of these events is to bring leaders in Fintech & Alternative Finance together for networking and community-building from 40+ countries each month and as virtual as possible.