from [13.11.2020] to [end of the world & Covid-19 won't stop us]

[I'm a Finfella]

@ [Virtual & even quarantined]

The goal of these events is to bring leaders in Fintech & Alternative Finance together for networking and community-building from 40+ countries each month and as virtual as possible.

Not Biggest, but most quality & Intimate fintech event for sure!

Speakers [11.2020. - 04.2021] Finfellas season #1

[Vitalijs Zalovs]

CEO @ Esketit

[Kimmo Rytkonen]

CEO @ Getincome

[Thomas Kralow]

Trader @ ThomasKralow

[Felix Bock]

Head of data suite solutions @ Crosslend

[Viktorija Vanage]

Founder @ Profitus

[Kaspars Peisenieks]

CFA, Investment and Savings Advisor

[Kia Commodore]

Founder @ Pennies to pounds & OK

[Dmitrijus Borisenka]

CEO @ Coingate

[Andrius Bartminas]

CEO @ Superhow

[Linas Rajackas]

CEO @ Kaiserex Cryptocurrency exchange

[Rytis Bieliauskas]

CTO @ Coingate

[Kevin Murcko]

Founder & CEO @ CoinMetro

[Lars Wrobbel]

Investor & Blogger @ Passives Einkommen mit P2P

[Reimo Hammerberg]

Founder & CEO @ Ignium

[Gytis Trilikauskis]

Marketing Lead @ Howdoo

[Ari Last]

Vice President of Business Development @ Simplex

[Martynas Stankevicius]

CEO @ Röntgen

[On Yavin]

CEO @ Cointelligence

[Euclid D'souza]

Co-Founder & COO @ Provence Intelligence

[Jatin Ondhia]

CEO @ Shojin Property Partners

[Anatolijs Putna]

COO @ Crowdestor

[Liza Aizupiete]

CEO @ Fintelum

[Arturs Geisari]

Head of SME @ Crowdestor

[David Bradley Ward]

CEO @ Ablrate

[Juris Grisins]

CEO @ Capitalia

[Karsten Wenzlaff]

CEO @ German Crowdfunding association

[Evaldas Remeikis]

Chair of the board @ NEO Finance, Finomark

[Tobias Lindner]

Investor & Blogger @ P2P Lending at its Best

[Ali Celiker]

CEO @ British Pearl

[Narinder Khattoare]

CEO @ Kuflink

[Jan Vecerka]

CEO @ Brikkapp

[Janis Timma]

CEO @ Crowdestor

[Ramona Miglane]

Partner @ drill. law firm with extensive professional expertise within FinTech, Banking & Finance

[Yelena Zhovnikova]

Head of business development @ Fundwise

[Atuksha Poonwassie]

Co-founder @ Simple Crowdfunding

[Nikita Goncars]

CEO @ Lendsecured

[Peteris Ozols]

Construction @ [Square m²]

[Edgars Ivanovs]

Investment Architect @ VILIA.INVESTMENTS & Twino Ventures

[Karlis Levensteins]

Business Development @ [Square m²]

[Jan Angel]

Business Development Manager @ Max Property Group / Max Crowdfund

[Tanel Orro]

CEO @ Reinvest24

[Anastasija Oleinika]

CEO @ Twino

[Martins Sulte]

CEO @ Mintos

[Juancho Arregui]

CEO @ Brickfy

[Jana Vecerkova]

CPO @ BrikkApp

[Igors Puntuss]

CEO @ Bulkestate

[Matthew Clannachan]

VP of Product, Investing @ Bondora

[Sergei Demchuk]

CEO @ Debitum Network

[Roxana Mohammadian-Molina]

Chief Strategy Officer @ Blend Network

[Rajeev Mahajan]

CEO @ AntworksMoney

[Zitah McMillan]

CEO @ Predictive Black & Non Executive Director @ Zopa

[Nadezda Karpova]

Chef Supervision Expert @ The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC)

[Dr. Vytautas Senavicius]

Chairman of Lithuanian P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Association

[Denis Piskunov]

Attorney at law / Partner @ International business law firm Magnusson

[Guillermo de la Hera]

Member of the board of victims association vs Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera

[Ansis Spridzans]

Attorney @ law firm Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko

Supporters [11.2020. - 04.2021]














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